The Passive Dual Income Reflection


DualMiner is a new Multi-Chain token created to general Dual Passive Income for High 12% APR Daily Rewards – All done for you Automatically ! Simply Buy $DUALMINER tokens in your wallet and earn passive income in $DUALMINER. DualMiner has 2 primary utility. Miner itself and DualMiner Native token combined, this 2 utility will work hand in hand to sustain and provide growth for the project.

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The First Ever Auto Miner with an Automated-encrypted blockchain-secured that helps you mine and withdraw completed fully automated while you are sleeping/working !

12% Daily =
4,380% APR

Fixed Annual Percentage Rate

Start investment: $1000

  • Month 1: $3,650
  • Month 3: $10,950
  • Month 6: $21,900
  • Month 9: $32,850
  • Month 12: $43,800
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  • FORGET ALL THE unreasonable HIGH 300K or 900K APY. They don’t work out and die within few days to weeks, why ? To sustain that, they need 1-2k new holders with 1-2 million volume per day hence every single HIGH APY is dying. Just straight forward:
  • 12% AUTO-WITHDRAWAL in DUALMINER Token rewards when u Mined
  • Take back your capital initial investments on the 9th withdrawal
  • Earn 8% referral rewards in DUALMINER from their depositing amount.

Our tips:

  • Hold till the 9th withdrawal and get 108% and withdraw – your initial capital investment is back.
  • Get as many referrals as possible to earn their deposit fees instead of it going to the blockchain.

How Much Can I Expect to earn in this DualMiner Token and Miner itself ?

At the end of 12 months, and with US$1000 of $DualMiner Token invested,

You can earn up to US $43,800 of $DualMiner worth at 4380% APR*.

This is calculated at day 1 of launch eg, $1 without accounting of price DualMiner token increases. Which obviously it could go up far more than that.

That is not all ! This is just Dualminer token itself, and we still have our Miner which will generate you passive income weekly !

We have also inbuilt our own “World’s Best ADM(Anti-Dump Mechanism) into our contract.

  • Unlike other coins, you will never see a dump with DualMiner, because of our ADM.
  • There is a 1-5% cash out limit per day of your total tokens.
  • This will create a passive income for everyone daily!

    How it works:

  • Withdraw 1-5% out of your daily amount for passive income
  • Calculations in example you have 1000 tokens:
  • Day 1 Market Cap = 1Million at $1, withdraw 5% = $50
  • Day 2 Market Cap = 2Million at $2, withdraw 5% = $100
  • Day 3 Market cap = 3Million at $3, withdraw 5% = $150
  • Day 5 Market cap = 5Million at $5, withdraw 5% = $250
  • Day 10, Market cap = 10Million at $10, withdraw 5% = $500
  • And it will constantly grow because there will be no whale manipulation of chart !
  • And this will go on as long as infinity unlike other high APY tokens which can’t even survive 1 month or less.
  • This will create a passive and steady income for everyone.
  • Everyone loves buying on Green chart !

DualMiner NFT

NFT Collection FREE for the First 10,000 Holder’s!

  • Own exclusive NFT collections that will uniquely interact with the DualMiner ecosystem.
  • There are 5 rarities of NFT with different reward rate for owners.
  • Trade it on our Marketplace OR own it to earn passive income.
  1. First 100 buyers with min. 0.2 BNB buy = 100 Basic NFT free
  2. First 100 buyers with min. 0.5 BNB buy = 100 Rare NFT free
  3. First 50 buyers with min. 1 BNB buy = 50 Premium NFT free
  4. First 50 buyers with min. 3 BNB buy = 50 Exclusive NFT free
  5. First 50 buyers with min 6 BNB buy and above = Golden Platinum NFT Free
  6. P.S These NFTs are free and limited for Presale period and will be used for NFTs staking in phase 2 to create more passive incomes!
NFT Collections

The Greatest Success Comes in “Paying It Forward”

Yes, you heard it. As part of our protocol, we will be allocating a small portion of our profits into “Crypto Phil’s donation Drive”

Lets make a difference into others’ life today !

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